Have The Falls REALLY Dried Up? Definitely NOT!

Have The Falls REALLY Dried Up? Definitely NOT!

As agents for Thompsons Africa we received an update from them first hand regarding Victoria Falls  situations.

Many people would have seen the photo’s of the dried up Falls that has been in circulation on social media.

Seems like Fake news at it’s best…

Here is what we got from Thompsons Africa yesterday 10 December with up to date photos.


Recent media reports have suggested that the Falls have dried up leading to possible disappointing experiences for tourists visiting the destination.

Our colleague Renier Friis (General Manager: Procurement and Product Development) has recently returned to the office after a week spent in Zimbabwe and he shared the following incredible shots with us, dispelling any concerns that the guest experience will be anything less than INCREDIBLE.

Thomsons vic falls

Thomsons vic falls4Thomsons vic falls3Thomsons vic falls2

Our partner Wild Horizons based in Zimbabwe shared a post on social media stating the following.  ‘... Not only has the Victoria Falls never dried up but last year it was the highest it has been since 2010.’Vic falls wild horizons

They further added, ‘Every year we chart the water levels in a graph using data provided by the Zambezi River Authority, who assess water levels through a hydrometric network comprising of thirteen stations. As you can see, seasonally there are drop offs in the dry season and rises in the wet season, this is nothing new or concerning, it is a natural fluctuation. More so, apart from this year, the river level has been above the normal average for the past five years.


In short, the current water levels are part of a completely normal phenomenon and the river is reportedly on the rise.

According to the Zambezi River Authority, which records water levels daily, flows at Victoria Falls are once again on the rise.

Hotels and lodges are not experiencing any water rationing.  The guest experience is still as superb as ever!

Have The Falls REALLY Dried Up? Definitely NOT! – thompsonsafricadbn

Watch the short video below.  How incredibly powerful is this?!


Did you know that the Zambian side of The Falls dry up EVERY year during October and November?

Victoria Falls is shared by two countries, Zambia in the North and Zimbabwe in the South.  Each experience is unique and if possible, have your guests visit BOTH sides of the Falls.  The Zimbabwe side has more view points including Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls.  The Zambian side offers an option to walk across the Knife-Edge Bridge.


Crossing between the countries takes you over the Victoria Falls Bridge (seen below) and takes approximately 20 minutes to cross.


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