Signs you need a break – Holiday vision 2020

Signs you need a break – Holiday vision 2020

With the end of the year fast approaching you might be starting to dream about the new year and what that might entail?

If you had a particularly busy year a holiday vision for 2020 might  not be too far fetched and materializing at this very moment.

Some signs that you might need a break or holiday can be:

  • Loosing interest in things you’re usually passionate about.
  • Short Temper or easy to provoke
  • Taking everything personally
  • Constant over thinking
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • Always exhausted and tired

Now the for some a bit hurdle can be to get enough leave to help with your break. has published a great article on “HOW 12 DAYS OF LEAVE CAN TURN INTO OVER A MONTH’S OF HOLIDAY 2020

Full-time workers in New Zealand are entitled to at least four weeks of paid leave a year, but with a few tweaks to your calendar, you could enjoy over a month off by using just a handful of your annual leave days. This is how to turn at least 12 annual leave days into 38 days out of the office. – CLICK HERE 

Come on, now that you you have the tools to obtain some annual leave and you realize that you need a break, have a look at our great holiday options.  We can assist in making from the smallest to the biggest holiday dreams come true.  Call us know for your 2020 holiday vision.

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