The Truth About Travel Agents

Hard hitting facts about Travel Agents / Travel Advisers / Travel Consultants and the newest breed the Travel Brokers

in good hands

1. Travel agents are a waste of time!

Only if you don’t use them, will you find yourself wasting your own valuable time.

When researching a holiday online, one can very easily feel like they’re disappearing down an overwhelming rabbit hole of information. By choosing to book through a Travel Professional you will not only save time, you have the piece of mind and comfort of knowing you are booking with an expert who has been trained, is qualified and knows the destination.

2. Online booking engines won’t help with mistakesmissed flight

True they won’t, but Travel Agents will :).

Calling an On-line search/booking engine when something goes wrong with a booking can be a nightmare. Even if you manage to get through to a human being, the person on the other end of the phone has no idea who you are or how important this holiday is to you. Booking through Mango Travel, you’re able to talk to a real person 24 hours a day seven day a week for emergencies who can resolve the problem without you having  to breaking a sweat.

3. Round the world trip? No Problem

Booking a complex itinerary with multiple stops is near impossible online, but it’s all in a day’s work for a Travel Professional. Whether you you want to book a trip of a lifetime to Europe’s most romantic cities or have a wild adventure seeking out Africa’s best safari spots, we are able to put together the trip of a lifetime.


4. Dream Makers

Now, more than ever, travel is being done by the masses, every one of us want our dream holiday to be unique. We don’t want to have the same experience as thousands of other people. Unlike the Internet, when you explain your dream to us, we will understand your dream, we will add our own passion for travel and know about and which  boutique hotel hidden at the end of what cul de sac will tick your boxes.  We know about the hidden local restaurant perfect for a romantic meal or the secret beach with the best snorkelling. As you do your job every day and are an expert in doing it, we are experts at making (and exceeding ofcourse) multiple travel dreams come all in a days work :).

5. Better Connections than the Internet

We know the industry inside out, we have thousands of connections and know who to talk to to get what done. By booking with Mango Travel, you will be secure in the knowledge that we have the know how and know the right people to call for whatever the situation may be. And remember, if you don’t book with a TANZ approved agent you’re on your own. !



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