Travel with Children

New entry and exit requirements for all children traveling to and from South Africa.
Please ensure you have the required travel documentation?

Birth Cert

Effective 1 June 2015 all children and young adults aged under 18 years travelling to and from South Africa will be required to carry an unabridged birth certificate in addition to their passport. This requirement will be introduced regardless of nationality of the child and regardless of whether the child is traveling with parents, with other adults or unaccompanied.

•Both parents travelling with child(ren) under the age of 18 years have to produce a full/unabridged birth certificate for the child (both parents’ details must be on the birth certificate)
•One parent travelling with child(ren) must have consent from other parent in the form of an affidavit or custody agreement confirming permission to travel with child(ren)
•One parent travelling with child(ren) and other parent passed away, must produce death certificate of deceased parent.
•Guardians travelling with child(ren) must provide affidavits from parents giving permission for child(ren) to travel
•Failure to provide these documents can result in being denied entry.

•Passport must be valid for at least 30 day after intended date of departure from South Africa
•Passport must have two blank ‘visa’ pages (please note that blank ‘endorsement’ pages will not suffice)
•Visitors to South Africa for tourism, short business meetings or transit: no visa needed for up to 90 days. No extension available on tourism visas.
•All other travellers need visas (incl. academics, students on educational trips, entrepreneurs, workers and volunteers). Must apply in person in country of ordinary residence or citizenship.
•A change of visitor visa status is not possible while in South Africa, so visitors intending to work in South Africa must apply for work visas before arrival in South Africa.
•Overstaying a visa expiry date can result in being declared undesirable and being barred from entering South Africa for a specific period of time.

Questions relating to any of these changes should be directed to the South African Department of Home Affairs.